Spiritual Expression At The Office

Is there any environment that does not have Stillness at its core?

The ‘office’ and our spiritual expression can at times seem like an unholy alliance. The grasping at security and the power struggles that never get called out for what they are, can induce feelings of frustration, stress or apathy, in those whose spiritual expression is their paramount concern.

It is when developing greater awareness become the bywords for our spiritual expression, that the mapping out of this desire can be chaotic. After all, we’re not there yet.

We’re not enlightened. We still get triggered. We still react even when we thought we’d grown more than that. So, to whom do we direct our compassion?

Is it to the Company that believes it has somewhere important to get to and also believes it needs some constantly growing measure of that?

Is our compassionate nature to be directed towards the office space itself, with its hotbed of micro-aggressions, the often sheep-like behaviour of employees, or the rampant control and manipulation tactics designed to keep the workers asleep and fearfully following the rules?

Perhaps our compassion is to be directed towards that person or persons we find most annoying. The ones who trigger us most. The ones that we can perhaps see are pushing down their inner voice. That voice of wisdom whispering to them:

“Is this what you really want? Is this who you really are? Are you truly at peace?

When we hear others complain of their migraines, back aches, or tiredness, or watch them constantly bemoan their fate when in fact they’re choosing to play the martyr role; how then are we to tap into our compassionate selves?

Should we be most loving and compassionate with ourselves perhaps? Should we put others’ stories, agendas or beliefs, to one side as we deal with our own inner struggles?

All of the above.

The quickest way to generate the energy of compassion, is to step willingly into awareness. Whether it’s an awareness of our inner judgments towards ourselves or others, awareness of another’s pain or fear stories; it doesn’t really matter.

Shining the light of awareness on anything, inspires greater compassion. It encourages patience with ourselves first and foremost, which then generates a greater willingness to be more compassionate with others.

For isn’t that what awareness is? Isn’t awareness timeless, observing, expansive and beyond even the need for patience?

It just is. It just sees. It doesn’t allow or disallow, even.

It simply Is.

When something or no thing, simply is; it implies stillness.

That Stillness could be in the midst of your own inner dramas or self berating. It could be in the boardroom where cutthroat practices or the desire for control may be seen as part and parcel of getting ahead. It could be Stillness right there in the midst of  dealing with difficult customers, clients, or colleagues. Stillness could be most present when we’re feeling most overwhelmed, stressed, or vulnerable.

Stillness. Still, in the midst of it all.

Turmoil can play in Stillness. Yet Stillness will remain.

It creates space because its very nature is spaciousness. Vastness. It is without size, weight, shape, or age.

Imagine that.

Imagine it at the water cooler or the photo copier. Imagine it when you’re right in the middle of some inner or outer, tantrum. Imagine it when that promotion went to someone else that you don’t particularly care for. Is it Stillness that doesn’t particularly care for that person, or is it just your personality stories?

Is it Stillness that vies for power, position, security and status?

We can feel that the answer is clearly no. It is a resonant truth within us ~ if we choose to access our awareness. Our compassion then, is tied directly to our willingness to consciously access awareness.

Yes, even the awareness that we don’t feel like being aware right now. We’re aware of that, most certainly ~ if we’re truly honest with ourselves.

The job, the office, the Company and all that they contain, are just another microcosm of any un-reality we have co-created. Its environment can either speed up, or hinder, our growth.

Which direction we go is determined only by our willingness to access and embody true reality. That is, stepping willingly and consciously into awareness itself.

Simply being.

Being aware of self, as it plays out its myriad roles in Awareness.

That beauty can express itself in any environment. The compassion it nurtures can be expressed inwardly, or outwardly.

Compassion is the natural fruit of awareness. And if it is to be directed towards self first for its greatest foibles and subtlest beliefs, then all is well. Let it be directed towards self, realising Self, for lifetime upon lifetime if needed.

There is no rush.

The office will not outlive or outlast awareness. Realise this and your spiritual expression in any environment will be whatever it authentically needs to be, in any given moment.


Growing Into The Trueness of You

You Are The I Am

When you start honouring your growth more than you honour remaining locked into worldly paradigms, you will feel you are being tested. Why? Because the starkness of those worldly paradigms will be shown to you very clearly. Why? Because you are going against the grain and choosing different responses or new paradigms that don’t necessarily jibe with how the majority of the world sees things.

It may even come to the point when you feel as if you are doing nothing but play acting through life, as you navigate the mundanity of most conversations and connections. That is indeed the truth. You are play acting. But then you always were. Everyone is. Those  formulaic conversations: ‘Hi, how are you? I’m fine. What are you doing this weekend? Where are you going for your holidays this year?’ etc. etc. etc. start to seem increasingly ludicrous.

And it gets worse. Why? Because even less mundane conversations come to be seen for the play acting they involve. You begin to clearly see the scripts to the play. You say your part. They say their part. You get triggered. They get triggered. You feel a connection and then in the next moment/day/week/year that feeling of connectivity dissolves because you begin to realise that no one is actually being real. Even in deep conversations there can be scripts and expected responses. ‘Don’t push me on that subject. It’s making me too uncomfortable.’ So everyone goes back to skirting around the real issues and gratefully and thankfully return to the safe waters of acceptable depth..

Thankfully as the deepening continues it gets easier. You see the script and may even take part in the script and the play acting willingly. Yet you remain essentially untouched by its insincerity.

People may even start to say to you: ‘Wow you seem so calm, so insightful, so balanced.’ When they couldn’t have said that in a million years, prior to your deepening. And as this unfolding continues, you start to realise that it isn’t other people that ever triggered or upset you. It was in fact a deep desire to be connected to the true, the real, the unchanging peace that lies within you, and be guided by its never ending insight and wisdom.

You of course, may still have triggered moments, but even they start to seem false. You know you’ve gone back into the old scripts and are just paying lip service to them, just trying them out, testing the waters, but in your heart, you already know that you have outgrown those old ways of relating.

Others will still try to pull you into their triggering expressions, or mundane scriptology. It’s where they feel safe you see, and your unwillingness to play makes them feel unsafe. So they will try to challenge you and pull you out of what you know to be real and true. Yet they cannot stop your deepening, nor can you. For once things are truly seen, they cannot be unseen. Once your growth is established you cannot become un-grown. You can only pretend not to have grown and pretend not to know. But even then you will know you are pretending and it will not taste so sweet to you anymore. It will not feel so addictive to you anymore.

What becomes much more addictive, is returning to the wisdom and inner peace that is at your disposal ~ always. So you return to that place with more willingness and greater frequency, because nothing else can give you succour in the same way. And when this occurs, Life itself will guide you and navigate you through the mire of worldly matters towards your greatest peace and most authentic fulfilment. Supporting you effortlessly to grow ever more beautifully, into the trueness of you…

If you would like to shift in any area where you feel disempowered, confused, or unwilling to receive (or give) love and loving acceptance, then it is my joy and my gift to support you to step into that willingness. Connect with me here



A New Reality

A New Reality


What we are seeing around us is a new reality being created. New realities when they are developing, have a lot of push-back from the previous system. That previous system will not give up without a fight. It will use every control tactic at its disposal to try to remain the dominant force. But it is a losing battle.

As I’ve mentioned before, what we are seeing now has happened many times in history. The same happened with the ‘British Empire’ losing control of its Caribbean, African and Indian ‘subjects.’ That is, the subjugated. The same happened during the industrial revolution between the ‘lowest classes’ and the ruling classes. The same happened with the first rebellion against women’s roles in society. The same happened with those who had illnesses that were demonised or those who were considered mentally deficient. The same happened with the seeking of lesbian and gay rights.

The prevailing system used and uses, every controlling tactic at its disposal. It creates a sense of fear that the very fabric of society is being torn down. It encourages those that benefit from the prevailing system to abuse and attack those fighting for their basic rights.

Yet despite all of that, a new reality emerges, as it will always do. For life itself is about progression and evolution and seeking balance wherever there is imbalance.

To fight against that is madness, and so mad behaviour happens. Wars happen. Hosing and force feeding and locking up of innocent persons happens. Sanctions placed on those whom the system wishes to control happens. State and National laws are abused or ignored, etc. etc. All this, in the name of maintaining the current reality, the current paradigm.

To see this pattern clearly is to wake up and be a part of the solution. This too we are seeing around us, and it is good. So the onus is on us to be part of the solution, to be an active and conscious part of the balance of Life, evolving into more of itself.

This we may do in any way that feels empowering to us, or joyful to us. Rather than allowing current events to cause us to fall back into fear-mind thinking  ~ which disempowers and oppresses us. For if we succumb to this unconscious thinking, we then become our own oppressors.

Yet even this is a gift once it is seen, because we must then acknowledge the opposite. That if we have the power to become our own oppressors, we must also have the power to liberate ourselves. This is true liberation. This is Freedom.

If you would like to shift in any area where you feel disempowered, confused, or unwilling to receive (or give) love and loving acceptance, then it is my joy and my gift to support you to step into that willingness. Connect with me here

The Coming and Going of Relationships Is Natural


Don’t leave me! If you leave I’ll be bereft, alone, abandoned, fearful! Don’t cling to me! I’m feeling squashed, stifled, consumed, attacked!

Relationships are beautiful. They hold so much grace, so much hope, so much potential to experience the best of ourselves in relation to another. They are also painful, can feel constricting, can induce the fear of loss and place us in the role of attacker or defender, with equal ease.

They are our teachers….

When we understand that relationships ~ whether personal or impersonal, are our teachers, how we approach them, how we behave within them, how we respond to the stress or the joy of them; changes.

They are a powerful mirror for us.

Whatever is occurring in our relationships be that at home, at work, with our colleagues or clients, in the transient meetings in public places, or in the heightened alcohol or drugged fuelled nightclubs, they are teaching us something important about ourselves.

When we don’t see this. When we don’t admit this, we can find them bemusing, challenging, difficult, or downright disturbing. We can also look to them to fulfil us, fill us up, release us from our fear of abandonment or loss. We expect them to validate us, give us confidence, or affirm and agree with our belief systems.

If you agree with me we are in resonance. If you disagree with me we are in dissonance. If you want what I want, I feel safe. If you want something different to what I want, I feel threatened.

They are the breeding ground for our egoic responses…

Yet when we move beyond these very simplistic approaches to our relationships and begin to ask instead: What do you have to teach me about myself? What are you trying to reveal to me about myself? What do I most need to learn here? What am I most fearful of?

Then and only then, is their true purpose revealed….

They are there to cause us to grow, to expand in our consciousness, and our awareness. They reveal to us where we are looking outside of ourselves for love, or for someone else to blame. They indicate where we are giving away our innate peace to another. Where we are denying our deepest wants in order to pacify another. They show how we love and why we love, and what we’re hoping to get from that loving. They show us where we cling, and why we cling and what we’re hoping to get through that clinging.

At the most rudimentary level they appease us. They give us an outlet for our sexual desires, for our need for companionship, for our desire to connect and engage with life in some particular way. They allow us to show our appreciation and give us a focus for our joy. They allow us to feel, really feel. They allow us to experience the intensity of our emotional states. They are a blessing.

Yet at their highest level they are also our gateway to enlightenment…

They cause us to see our stories of limitation very clearly. They point to what we believe about life and the purpose of life. They ask us to rise above the particulars of our love for a specific person. They ask us to rise above our familial, cultural or community groupings and see beyond that, to who we really are. Why we’re really here.

The constrictions they place upon us ask us to make real choices.

Choices that reveal to us our value systems, or where we are placing remaining safe, cocooned and acceptable, before discovering the truth of who we are.

When they fall away ~ especially our most intense relationships; they show us where we are placing our need for them above our need to be autonomous, sovereign, timeless beings, who are here on a journey of remembering.

Where they are related to our life purpose, what we are really here to do and share, they often ask us to sacrifice what our heart and our soul most need to experience, in order to remain in the game of life. The: I’ll die without you game. The: I need to conform game. The: I have a role I’m expected to play game.

But our purpose, our deepest salvation, our greatest expansion, often lies in a willingness to give up the game, or at least see the game for what it is.

Expansion by its very nature doesn’t play small. It isn’t interested in the rules of the game or in our belief in limitation or lack…

It does not affirm that we are our: jobs, our titles, our cultural conditioning, our gender stereotypes, our income levels, our posh or derelict neighbourhoods, our weight, our six pack, our vehicle make and model, our college degrees, our designer labels, or lack thereof. No it goes beyond all of that to say…

You are the Kingdom itself…. Do you wish to play smaller than the Kingdom? For how long sweet one, for how long? For how many lifetimes do you wish to be locked into the game of smallness? Does that truly serve you? Does that truly satisfy you?

So in our clinging on to our limited perceptions, in our clinging on to a particular relationship, or in our rejecting a particular relationship because it challenges us to grow; we are choosing to remain in our smallness.

The resonance and dissonance described in the image at the beginning of the article, points to where we are not heeding our lessons. Where we are allowing our relationships to descend into stagnation. Where we are running away from valuable lessons of healing. Where we are denying the flow or trying to make flow what is no longer flowing.

Our salvation, our freedom, lies in seeing the true purpose of relationships. It lies in accepting their greater role. A role that goes beyond our safety and our security alone. A role that goes beyond our sexual desires and need for comfort and companionship.

Those needs can always be met. They are always being met. Yet when we see that they are met because we are allowing them to be met, then we are awakening out of our slumbers. When we acknowledge that we are the source of what we allow, then our relationships do not hold us enthralled in the same way.

We enter them willingly, knowing that they are there to teach us something beautiful. And that that teaching can go on for a lifetime or for a moment, with a particular person. We become more willing to relinquish them only when we have gleaned and learned all they have come to teach us. We become more fluid within them, not expecting them to save us, or validate us.

We see that we are the only ones who can validate ourselves, love ourselves, value ourselves and have that affirmed and mirrored back to us. We see that this is the healthiest expression in our relationships and we bless them fully, for the true gifts they bring. This is our power, this is our gift and this is the willingness we are asked to step into so we may expand and grow into the truth of who we really are…

If you feel lost, stuck, enmeshed,  obsessed, confused or fearful about a particular relationship, be it work, romance, business, or family, related; I would love to support you into a clearing seeing and greater balance. You can connect with me here

Much love…. Yve


Dark Night of the Soul

Any Spiritual Seeker who has been deep on their path, eventually comes to a point of no return. A space where they can feel confusion, frustration, doubt or even despair about where their path is leading them. That point of no return can feel like a dark night of the soul, when in actuality it is often the start of the breakthrough we’ve been seeking.

It’s been said time and again that when all seems lost on our spiritual path that is the time when our breakthroughs come and the light and love that we are, is revealed to us unmistakably and irrevocably. I thought I’d explore that celebratory recognition through the medium of music, celebrating that breakthrough even while honouring the difficulties we face before we come to that point of beautiful re-cognition….

This lyric video for Dark Night of the Soul Blues from my album ‘Living Is Easy’  explores both the dark and the light of our spiritual journey from that point of frustration, confusion, depression, or despair, to the joyful seeing of the light within. En~Joy… Yve